Anna Cooper, Burstall near Ipswich

My friend, Pat James, and I bought our hut 20 years ago. Pat was after a hut at Walton at the time, but they were too expensive! We decided to go halves on hut number 727 and always joked that we would never realise our investment as we couldn’t bear to part with it.

I now have three children who have grown up with the hut, had great fun with their friends, have become confident sea swimmers and who can’t imagine what life would be like without ‘the hut’.

Since my friend’s untimely death in 2015, we now share the hut with her daughter and her children and their friends too.

The hut has been the venue for many birthday parties over the years and holds some very special memories for us. Of course you can come to Felixstowe any time and have a day at the beach, but there is something special about having the hut: a place to rest and relax, out of the sun (or rain!) make a cup of tea and generally watch the world go by.

The costs and changes that SCDC are looking to impose would make owning a hut prohibitive. To implement such huge charges would result in us and many others having to give up their huts. We all appreciate that the council have a funding gap to fill but using beach hut owners as cash cows is wrong.

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