Christine Wright, Ipswich

It was 1974 and I was expecting my first baby. “That’s the end of our holidays for a bit,” said my husband, before adding: “I will buy you a beach hut.” We found one on the Wireless Green for £90, fixtures and fittings included. What an investment! Family fun and long, hot summers (well, not always). But every day we spend in Felixstowe is great.

It hasn’t been all plain sailing, we got removed from the site in the 1980s to make way for redevelopment ‘they said’. Only two rows remained at the Manor End, but we managed to get one of these for £600. It seemed like a lot of money at the time! The sea regularly crashed in and washed the huts away, but we survived and found ourselves on the front row. For many years, behind us, waste scrub land where skylarks nested. Then came the new sea defences and a summer spent behind the barricades with no access to the beach. It was a long walk for a swim and even further to the toilets.

Look at us now, 42 years on. Wonderful sea view, amenities, all landscaped, regularly enjoyed with the extended family. Still sea swimming after all this time, sometimes by the light of the moon. Followed by fish and chips, washed down by cup of tea. We may be about to pay a very heavy price for all of this!

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