Eileen Vinyard (Ipswich resident)

Our original beach hut was built by my grandfather who was a carpenter, around 100 years ago (I am now 83 years old).  So we have never bought a beach hut. Originally it was placed on the Wireless Green, close to Beach Station. We travelled to it at weekends and spent a week-long holiday there every year when I was a child (like so many other Ipswich people). Great memories of games and overseas relatives span five generations. But SCDC gave notice to the beach hut owners to move.

We were one of fortunate families to receive a plot near the pier. But during a storm in the mid-1990s it was, sadly, swept out to sea.  A standard beach hut was its replacement on the plot allocated.

The beach hut was and still is my holiday. The huts all hold great memories and expectations for future generations!  I only live on a state pension and, with these proposals, this time it will not be the beach hut being swept out to sea. This time it will be a mournful ending being swept away.

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