Gareth Craze, Ipswich

Our beach hut was bought when our children were babies and they are now 23 and 25. It was bought as a present for my wife and I by my in-laws, who were hoping to move to Felixstowe from Ely. Unfortunately, my father in law passed away, but over the years we have brought up the children and spent time with grandma in our cherished beach hut.

Mother in law is now 95 and she loves to sit at our hut and people watch. We will never sell it and hope that we can pass it on to our children. We are now both retired and can enjoy the benefits of sitting at our hut and watch the world go by. We would be totally lost, as would our family, if the rates go up to the point that we cannot afford to pay them. We have used some of our pension to totally refurbish the whole of the outside of our hut and it looks beautiful. We have named our hut Crazy Days BH 831 and we just love it.

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