Terry Bristow-Jones, Debenham

I bought my hut in 2009 after both my parents had died. I had spent my early years, in the 1950s, living in Felixtowe and have many happy memories of the beach and the sea, and my aunt’s hut. My father loved the sea and my mother loved the beach, so it was a fitting memorial to them.

I also have two daughters. One of them has complex disabilities. She loves the beach, but has to have somewhere to change and somewhere to lie down and rest. The hut on the front row, where she could have supported facilities, was perfect. She now uses it with other friends who also have disabilities, and they get a lot of fun out of going there. When the walk was held for the Heart Foundation, we dressed the hut, ourselves, food and drink on the Queen of Hearts theme, from Alice in Wonderland. My daughter dressed up as the Queen of Hearts and we still have our certificate in the hut!

It is a family hut – a place for children to grow and for fun, laughter and solitude if you want it, as well as fresh air and beautiful views. It is sociable, part of a community and a lovely tradition.

I struggle to pay for it now, but will do everything I can to keep it. I was retired on health grounds recently and even though there are fewer times when I can manage to get there, my family and friends can.

If the prices rise as we have been told they might, I will be unable to continue paying for the hut and will have to try and sell it. The loss of the hut, its memories and the sentimental value would be huge.

I really hope that there is a rethink about future charges for hut owners. It would be a massive loss to Felixstowe and its tradition and history if the increases outpriced what many can pay. We are not Southwold or Wells-next-the-sea.

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